Bobby Previte: MASS (Rare Noise Records)

A modernist re-imagining of the choral epic Missa Sancti Jacobi by 15th century composer Guillaume Dufay, Previte’s MASS prominently features the imposing sound of cathedral pipe organ along with an acclaimed early music vocal group, the 11-voice Rose Ensemble, conducted by Jordan Sramek, and a slamming core group consisting of Previte on drums, Marco Benevento on pipe organ and Rheem organ, Don McGreevy, Stephen O’Malley, Mike Gamble and Jamie Saft on electric guitars and Reed Mathis on electric bass.


“A kind of heavy metal Requiem Mass, full of thrashing feedback guitars and grinding power chords, hellacious fuzz bass, thunderous beats and the glorious sound of a Renaissance vocal choir, Mass is unlike anything Previte has done before.”

“The effort combines early music with droning, spaced-out doom, and the end result is surprisingly, wondrously addictive. I listened to it three times in a row without even noticing yesterday, then once I snapped out of my trance, put it on again.” — NOISEY

“But what sets this release apart is the sheer power of the new and old. The guitars and organ loudly o!set the delicacy of the singing in such a fashion that the listener is transported to place of ancient darkness. There is a distinct beauty that cannot be denied amongst all of the distortion and complexity. A highly recommended release and on my list for best of 2016.” — AVANT MUSIC NEWS

“Mass is brilliant. It’s alternately yet simultaneously arresting, beguiling, and menacing; it dynamically illustrates the aesthetic scope of color, timbre, and texture between sacred and secular music. This is Previte’s masterpiece.” — ALL MUSIC GUIDE

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Bobby Previte & The Visitors

In 1996, Bobby Previte rolled through Europe with his young “Weather Clear, Track Fast” band, introducing a new generation of musicians to the European scene including three whose stars have shone brightly since – Jamie Saft, Cuong Vu, and Andrew D’Angelo.  Now, twenty years later, Previte again presents to you some of the stars-of-tomorrow from the Brooklyn scene: Mike Gamble, guitar, Michael Kammers, saxophone and organ, and Kurt Kotheimer, bass.  Welcome them to their first tour of Europe: the premiere of BOBBY PREVITE and the VISITORS.

January 25, 2016: Moods [Zurich, Switzerland]

January 26, 2016: Eremitage [Schwaz, Austria]

January 29, 2016: 12/14 Jazz Club Warsaw [Warsaw, Poland]

January 30, 2016: Domicil [Dortmund, Germany]

January 31, 2016: Schuttershofcafe [Middelburg, Netherlands]

February 1, 2016: Cafe Wilhelmina [Eindehoven, Netherlands]

(…and don’t miss their preview run in upstate New York: January 21: The Half Moon [Hudson, NY], January 22: Quinn’s [Beacon, NY], January 23: Parish House [Albany, NY])

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We Two Kings: Charlie Hunter & Bobby Previte Christmas Album!

We Two Kings: Charlie Hunter & Bobby Previte play the great carols.

Available on CD in the SHOP. Or for download on iTunes.

1. Joy To the World
2. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
3. Deck the Halls
4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (feat. Curtis Fowlkes)
6. We Three Kings
7. The First Noel (feat. Curtis Fowlkes)
8. Good King Wenceslas
9. Angels We Have Heard On High
10. Jingle Bells
11. Oh Come All Ye Faithful (feat. Curtis Fowlkes)
12. Silent Night

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Bobby Previte is the recipient of the 2015 Greenfield Prize for Music

The Hermitage Artist Retreat and its partner the Philadelphia-based Greenfield Foundation are very pleased to announce that the 2015 Greenfield Prize will be awarded this year in music to Composer Bobby Previte. Serving on the jury that selected Previte was Linda Golding, former President of Boosey & Hawkes Music publishers, Pulitzer Prize winning Composer David Lang, and President and CEO of Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center Anne Ewers.

Previte will compose an evening length work, IN TRANSIT, for Nels Cline, guitar, John Medeski, piano, Greg Osby, alto saxophone, Zeena Parkins, harp, and the composer on trap drums. The piece will premiere in Sarasota, Florida in April of 2017.

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TERMINALS now available!

Newly Released from Cantaloupe Records on double vinyl or digital download.

Drummer, composer, bandleader and improviser Bobby Previte is known for his voluminous contributions to New York’s legendary downtown experimental music scene – an immensely fertile period in the 1980s that saw the likes of Steve Reich and Philip Glass breaking new ground with Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time, Bang on a Can and many more.

Now with nearly four decades under his belt as a creative force behind the drumkit, Previte has assembled a dream team of musicians from the jazz, indie rock and classical worlds to create TERMINALS, a luminous project consisting of five concertos for percussion ensemble and soloists, each inspired by the schematic-like terminal maps that Previte has noticed in airports around the world. The eternally adventurous So Percussion accompanies throughout, as Nels Cline (Wilco), John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood), Zeena Parkins and Greg Osby take turns in the forefront to deliver an electrifying part-composed, part-improvised workout spanning two vinyl pieces.

In the liner notes to the LP, pressed in a deluxe double-gatefold package, Previte breaks down the influences that inspired the project. “Terminals is a collision between, and a celebration of, two worlds. In clichéd terms: the precise, unflappable, ‘classical’ percussion ensemble meets the wild, uncontrollable, ‘jazz’ master improviser in the forum best suited to such a meeting, the concerto – a schizophrenic word whose etymology is much debated but in Italian means to ‘join together,’ while in Latin means to ‘contend.’ These two worlds happily co-exist in my mind. This is the country in which I live.”

Purchase in the SHOP

or from Cantaloupe Records

or from iTunes

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coming soon: TERMINALS from Cantaloupe Music

Release date: October 28, 2014.

Drummer, composer, bandleader and improviser Bobby Previte has assembled a dream team of experimental musicians from the jazz, indie rock, and classical worlds to create TERMINALS, a brand new double-vinyl project of five concertos for percussion ensemble and soloist, each inspired by schematic-like airport terminal maps from around the world.

The eternally adventurous So Percussion accompanies throughout, as Nels Cline (Wilco), Zeena ParkinsGreg Osby, John Medeski (MMW) and Previte himself take turns in the forefront, resulting in an electrifying part-composed, part-improvised opus spanning two vinyl pieces.

Preorder the vinyl now, or pitch in to the Pledgemusic campaign for a variety of other presale options.

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Voodoo Summer

Select Summer Mondays

Club Helsinki, Hudson, NY

Bobby Previte leads the Voodoo Orchestra North

Music from Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and beyond

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TERMINALS Benefit Party: May 30th, Brooklyn, NY

Bobby Previte / So Percussion: “Terminals” Album Completion Party

SO Percussion and Bobby Previte invite you to an exclusive party in SO Percussion’s Brooklyn Navy Yard loft, Friday, May 30, 2014. Drinks (the best beer in the world, generously donated by Sixpoint Brewery!), snacks, and hang starting at 5:30 p.m. Performance will start at 6:30 p.m. : Previte will hold forth on his sometimes harrowing, always hilarious 40 years in music, including the famous ‘Chicago Hotel From Hell’ and ‘Johnny’s Gonna Kill Ya’ stories. Finally SO and Previte will present a command performance of TERMINAL 4, during which you will be close enough to feel the breeze from the end of Josh Quillen’s whip.

Space is limited to the first 30 people.  Tickets $40.

Tickets and More Info.

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Help us make TERMINALS: the definitive recording!

The Pledge Music Campaign for TERMINALS has launched!


Some years ago I realized I owe my life in music to my college days at the University of Buffalo. I was a rock/soul drummer-kid from Niagara Falls who quite by accident parachuted into a new music paradise: the world of Morton Feldman, John Cage and, most importantly for me, the percussionist Jan Williams. He simply said, “look,” and there it all was, an entire universe of music I never knew nor could ever have imagined existed – music for percussion: bold, forward-thinking, impossibly imaginative, crazy, exhilarating music.

After school I again parachuted down, but into quite a different new music paradise: New York City in the 1980s and the world of ‘Downtown Music.’

TERMINALS is a collision between and celebration of these two formative periods in my life, and the music that was made during them. In this work, the precise, unflappable, ‘classical’ percussion ensemble meets the wild, uncontrollable, ‘jazz’ master improviser in the forum best suited to such a meeting: the Concerto, a schizophrenic word which in Latin means to “come together” and in Italian means “to fight.”

Now SO Percussion and I want to record this piece – the final, definitive studio recording, and we are pulling out all the stops to get this done. You can help us with your pledge, and get some very cool stuff in return.

There is this: TERMINALS is opening the 10th anniversary of Winterjazzfest in New York, at Le Poisson Rouge. Would you like some backstage passes?

How about my original handwritten + computer generated first draft of this piece, written in a villa in Tuscany in the summer of 2010? This is a one-of-a-kind item, complete with paste-ups and cut-outs I had to get copied at the little stationery store in our small village by the owner guy who never smiled once in three months.

Or this: In TERMINAL 4, the drum set concerto, the percussion players must bring in and play “10 small items that are very personal to you and that have never been played in a percussion piece before.” Would you like to have either Jason, Eric, Josh, or Adam’s 10 pieces they chose to play at the New York City première and on the record? You can.

And who wouldn’t like to spend some hours in the studio with us as we record Nels Cline, Zeena Parkins, and John Medeski?

TERMINALS, five concertos for percussion ensemble and soloist. My attempt to reconcile a comic book conundrum that fascinated me as a child: “What happens when an irresistible force meets an immoveable object?”

If you can, help me find the answer.

Bobby Previte

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TERMINALS now published by Bachovich Music

We are pleased to announce that TERMINALS is now published by Bachovich Music Publications. Scores and parts can be ordered here.

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