Touring in Summer 2013.
CD out NOW on Spacebone Records.

Bobby Previte / drums
Beppe Scardino / baritone sax
Francesco Diodati / electric guitar



1. A heavenly body in a 3:2 motion resonance with the planet Neptune.

2. A trio featuring two of the best young musicians in Italy, Francesco Diodati, guitar, and Beppe Scardino, baritone saxophone, directed by the legendary American drummer/composer Bobby Previte.

Plutinos, originally following their own orbits, were captured by Neptune into resonances. The 3:2 resonance is the strongest among all resonances, yet Plutinos rebel and break free, finding a different rhythm. Previte captures these two rebels and pulls them into his orbit.

Resonance, Rhythm, Rebellion.

PLUTINO, the open, soaring new trio from Bobby Previte.



Artist biographies:

Beppe Scardino PRESS QUOTES: “[…]Beppe Scardino, compositore, sassofonista baritono ma di fatto multistrumentista, che negli ultimi tempi si Ë imposto all’attenzione della critica e del pubblico come uno dei pi˜ interessanti nuovi talenti.”.. “[…]Beppe Scardino, composer, baritone saxophonist in fact multiinstrumentalist, has recently imposed himself to critics’ attention as one of the most interesting new talents”.. (Neri Pollastri, All About Jazz Italia .. .. “[…]Scardino, baritonista fenomenale, dotato di un’eloquenza a tratti travolgente ma capace di insospettabili romanticherie”.. “[…]Scardino, phonomenal baritonist, with a sometimes overwhelming eloquence but capable of unpredictable romance” .. (Luca Canini, All Abou Jazz Italia .. .. “Il lavoro di scrittura [di Beppe Scardino], sagace ed articolata, dedicato al proprio gruppo Orange Room rivela una sorprendente maturitý compositiva”.. “[Scardino’s] writing work, shrewd and articulate, for his own group Orange Room, reveals a surprising compositional maturity”.. (Enzo Boddi, Jazz Colours Marzo 2010).. .. .. “Beppe Scardino, straripante talento del jazz italiano”.. “Beppe Scardino, overflowing talent of italian jazz”.. (Luca Canini, All About Jazz Italia SELECTED DISCOGRAPHY: Dimitri Grechi Espinoza Artistic Alternative – Rai Trade – 2006.. Dinamitri Jazz Folklore “Congo Evidence” – Caligola Records – 2006.. Virginiana Miller “Fuochi Fatui D’Artificio” – Radiofandango – 2006.. Gianluca Petrella Cosmic Band – L’Espresso – 2007.. Francesco Cusa Skrunch “L’Arte Della Guerra” – Improvvisatore Involontario” – 2007.. Orange Room “Orange Room” – El Gallo Rojo Records – 2007 – buy it on: …….. Rollerball “La Clinica Del Rasoio” – El Gallo Rojo Records – 2008 – … Dinamitri Jazz Folklore w/ Amiri Baraka “Akendengue Suite” – Rai Trade – 2009.. Gianluca Petrella Cosmic Band “Coming Tomorrow Part 1” – Spacebone Records – 2009 – .. Pospaghemme “L.O.V.E.” – El Gallo Rojo Records – 2009.

Francesco Diodati was born in Rome in 1983. He began studying the guitar during his teenage years in Rome where he discovered his passion for music. Thanks to a scholarship he enrolled in InJam maststers courses at the Siena School of Jazz where he had the opportunity to study with Jazz legends such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, John Abercrombie, Hein Van De Geyn, Jeff Ballard, Drew Gress, Seamus Blake,and many others of great musical talent. Upon receiving one of the most highly sought after scholarships among guitartists from the New School for Contemporary Jazz and Music, Francesco found himself in the great city of New York where he met luminaries as Reggie Workman, Ben Allison, Peter Bernstein and Rachel Z. Francesco now lives between New York and Rome, pursuing different projects that continue to fuel his inspiration for jazz. As a young leader and composer he has won both national and international competitions including Barga Jazz 2005, Porsche Giovani and Jazz 2005, Jazz and Image 2005, Martina Franca 2004, and Fara Music Fest 2009. Francesco develops his voice drawing from musical inspirations of the past while incorporating his own unique modern prospective. As a composer he mixes different styles and focuses his attention on the melodic aspect,but at the same time leaves his own signature. Francesco recently recorded his first album as leader, ìPurple Braî for Auand Records, one of the most influential labels for contemporary jazz music. The album is receiving exciting reviews. His group Neko is a collaboration of some of the most influential, young Italian musicians: Ermanno Baron, Francesco Bigoni and Francesco Ponticelli. The group mixes jazz concept of interplay and freedom with a spontaneous melodic approach, looking at every style of music as a possible source of inspiration. Francesco performs and tours nationally and internationally showcasing in venues and festivals such as the Panama Jazz Festival (Panama), OuTonalidades (Spain and Portugal), Casa Del Jazz, Torrione Jazz Club, Panic, Pescara Jazz Festival, Foligno Young Jazz in Town (Italy), Zsambeck (Hungary), Tremplin Jazz D Avignon (France), Fat Cat (New York) and many more.

Bobby Previte, in an over-sized suit, and slinging an acoustic guitar, made his first stage appearance at the Niagara Falls Talent Show, belting out a solo rendition of Elvis’ 1956 hit “Hound Dog.” Realizing music was a great way to get girls, he fashioned his first drum set from a rusted garbage can, upside-down trash bins, and aluminum pie plates. He joined a band, but when they finally got a job he was fired for not having ‘real’ drums. Vowing revenge, he saved every penny from his paper route and a year later bought the Rogers drum set that he still sits behind today, in concerts all over Europe, South America, Russia, Japan, Australia, and of course the USA. One fine afternoon in the East Village, he spotted Jimi Hendrix in a limo. Thinking fast, he unfurled the life-sized poster of Jimi he happened had just bought, then looked on in astonishment as Hendrix smiled and flashed him the peace sign. All the rest, as they say, is noise.

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